Nobo Shalbon Bihar Comilla

This artistic Buddhist shrine is known as one of the "monasteries of peace" among Buddhists in Southeast Asia. In 2014, a 30-foot-tall Buddhist statue weighing about 6 tons was erected in Bihar as a gift from a gift from the Buddhist Foundation of Thailand.

Foundation of Nobo Shalban Bihar

Nobo Shalban Bihar and Bangladesh Buddhist Cultural Academy were established on 6 September 1995 on an area of ​​about two and a half acres.

Architectural beauty of Nobo Shalban Bihar

Upon entering the nobo Shalban Bihar, the first thing that can be seen is a huge golden Buddha statue. Next to the statue are two lions of the same color in a royal position. This ornate temple is surrounded by 3 large and 1 small pots. There are also meditation centers, Shalban Bihar, orphanages, libraries, museums, seminars and residential hostels.

Location Of Nobo Shalban Bihar

Nobo Shalban Bihar is located at Comilla University Road, Shalmanpur. It's near the Shalban Bihar, Cumilla.
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How to go Nobo Shalban Bihar

Both train and bus can be used to go from Comilla to Dhaka. From Dhaka's Kamlapur Railway station you can board Mohanagar Godhuli, Upokul Express, Paharika Express, and Trina Provuti train to come to Comilla. And for the bus route, you can board AC / Non AC buses by Royal Coach, Asia Aircon, BRTC, Prince, Asia Line, Trisha Paribahan from Dhaka's Sayedabad or Kamlapur bus stand. 

Comilla to Nobo Shalban Bihar

From Comilla, you will have to go to Kandirpar first. There is a local CNG stand near the Kandirpar Awami League Office from where you can go to Coatbari using a CNG at 30 Taka per person and from any place in Comilla city you can reserve a CNG to go to Coatbari. CNG reserve will cost 150 Taka. From Coatbari to Shalbon Bihar it will cost 10 Taka in an auto-rickshaw. You can also come from Comilla to Coatbari via Bissho Road using a local CNG and come to Shalbon Bihar. In this case per person will cost 20 Taka. It is to be noted that Shalbon Bihar, Nobo Shalban Bihar Buddha Temple, Mainamati Museum are all located next to each other. 

Dhaka to Nobo Shalban Bihar- Arambagh,Sayeedabaad,Gabtoli these places you can get a bus for Comilla.Rent will be Tk.150-300 per person. Remember that you need to get down from the bus on Bissho Road.It is one of the hectic roads,all you have to do is just need to cross via a footover bridge. From here,you can take CNG or rickshaw from Kotbari in front of Mura. , per rent Tk.40-50.

Visiting Hours

It is 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Entry Ticket Price

20 Tk for Bangladeshi people and 100 Tk for foreigners.

Other nearby sightseeing spots

Right beside Shalbon Bihar is the Mainamati Museum and the new Shalbon Buddha Bihar. Coatbari also has Rupoban Mura, Itakhola Mura, and Anondo Bihar. You can also see Bird, Magic, Paradise Park, Mainamati War Cemetery, Lalmai Hill, Dharmashagor Dighi, and other places. And if possible you must taste the famous Rashmalai of Matribhandar in Monohorpur.

The original Rashmalai of Matribhandar

To taste the famous original Rashmalai of Matribhandar you will need to go to Monohorpur Kalibari. To get there first you will need to follow this route: Coatbari to Paduar Bazar (15 Taka fare per person) and from there to Monohorpur Kalibari via Kandirpar at 30 Taka Rickshaw fare. On the other side of Kalibari Temple, you will find the only Matribhandar store.

Where to stay

Comilla city has Comilla Club, Comilla City Club, and many other good quality hotels where you can spend a night at 1000 – 3000 Taka. Comilla's Kandirpar, Shashongacha, and station road area have a lot of residential hotels. Some of them are Hotel Victoria, Amania Rest House, Hotel Dreamland, Masum Rest House, Hotel Melody, Hotel Noor, Hotel Sonali Provuti. The average quality hotels will cost 200-600 Taka per night.  

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