War Cemetery Comilla

Maynamati is some 7 kilometres from the centre of Comilla, which is on the railway line linking Dhaka to Chittagong. It can be reached by train to Comilla railway station, 9 kilometres from the cemetery, or by the Dhaka - Chittagong highway. The cemetery is 1 kilometre down the road leading from Comilla to Sylinet and a short distance past the Cantonment Military Hospital. There is a C.W.G.C. road direction sign on a roundabout at the crossroad.

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Before the war Maynamati was a hamlet of a few dozen huts, but during the war a large military camp was established there. Several ordnance depots and a number of military hospitals, both British and Indian, were in the area, including Nos. 14 and 150 British General Hospitals; and the majority of the burials in Maynamati War Cemetery were from the various hospitals. Graves from isolated places in the surrounding country, and some from as far afield as Burma, were moved into the cemetery by the Army Graves Service and later on by the Commission; and it was found necessary to transfer also graves from small cemeteries at Dacca, Faridpur, Paksay, Saidpur, Santahan and Sirajgany, where they could not be maintained. The cemetery was started by the Army and laid out by the garrison engineer. It is dominated by a small flat-topped hill crowned with indigenous flowering and evergreen trees. Between the entrance and this hill lie the Christian graves, and on the far side of it are the Muslim graves. On a terrace about half-way up the hill, facing the entrance, stands the Cross of Sacrifice, and on the other side a shelter looks over the Muslim graves to a tree-framed view of the countryside beyond. There are now over 700, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this cemetery.

Entry Fee:

Entrance to War Cemetery Free.

Visiting Hour:

Maynamati War Cemetery is open every day between 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00.

How to go

Dhaka to Comilla- Arambagh,Sayeedabaad,Gabtoli these places you can get a bus for Comilla Cantonment Bus station. Rent will be Tk.150-300 per person. Then You can take CNG or rickshaw and tell go to "Engres Koborstan" Local Penson known as "Engres Koborstan". Rent Tk.50-100.

Where to Stay

There are some hotels like-Hotel Obi, Hotel Al Falah,Hotel Highway Maynamati, Mayami Resort, Rent will be Tk.700-4000.

Where to eat

Some Notable restaurants are- Kakoli Restaurant, Mayami Resort. Hotel Coffee House Restaurant,Mainamati Highway Restaurant You can eat delicious food here.150-2000 taka e Good quality lunch is available. And of course don't forget to taste the famous Rasmalai and Rasgolla, Bhagwati's Pera, Mithai's Malai Chop at the Matri Bhandar in Manoharpur, Comilla.


  • Don't write nonsense or anything on the monument.
  • Dispose of garbage at designated places.
  • Follow the instructions of the authority.



Reference: cwgc.org

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